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Virtustream Your SAP Application and More

Virtustream Your SAP Application and More

This week at VMworld it’s been fun presenting on mission critical applications in terms of automation and security in the Virtustream booth. One of the more compelling customer stories I’ve heard at the show is about Florida Crystals migrating their SAP landscape to Virtustream. The migration included:

  • 100 physical servers
  • 25 production instances
  • 40 development and QA instances
  • Multiple terabytes of structured and unstructured data
  • 1000's of SAP users across three countries

This was a massive migration that was completed in 80 days, that’s less than three months. There were five success factors that made this SAP migration success but I’ll choose the one that impressed me the most which was Virtustream and Florida Crystals working as one team. Both companies worked together testing, validating, and migrating the SAP landscape so there was no impact to the thousands of SAP users. The benefits of migrating to Virtustream included minimizing IT overhead, controlling costs, and increasing flexibility and agility.

More granularity with the Micro VM (µVM)

The power of the micro VM is a more granular way of allocating and packaging resources (cpu, network, storage) that leads to more accurate provisioning and measurement of cloud resources. A micro vm is:

  • 200 MHz of CPU
  • 768 MB of memory
  • 40 Storage IOPS
  • 2 MB of latency

Customers want to be accurately charged for the resources they use or to put it another way customers don’t want to pay for resource they are not using. Seems like a simple concept “I’ll pay for what I use” but to accomplish this goal we need the capabilities to accurately measure resource utilization. The micro VM makes this easy as its size enables increments of cloud resources that match the application utilization. The micro VM is more than just a package of cloud resources because it works with xStream for intelligent placement of resources. For example, a production database will require more processing power and lower storage latencies so application performance meets response time expectations. A development database doesn’t need the same level of performance so placement is going to be different from production. Intelligent placement of cloud resources is important as minimizes risk, ensures performance, and simplifies management for the IT Organization.

Cloud orchestration and automation

When a cloud solution like Virtustream offers application orchestration and automation it benefits the business. xStream App Director has lifecycle packs that automate tasks like provisioning a copy of production to test or development. Normally, an application team can spend hours if not days provisioning copies of databases and when you consider that the average business has 4 to 7 copies of each production database, then it’s easy to understand how a lot of time can be used just to repurpose copies of production. xStream App Director automates the complexity of provisioning SAP and other applications saving the application team time and reducing risk. The is no loss of control by the application team and that’s very important. For example, the process of provisioning SAP or other databases can change over time and this demands the capability to customize the automation to meet the change in requirements. xStream App Director drives the orchestration and automation while keeping control where it belongs with the application or DBA team. Here is a summary of the benefits:

  • Operations & Administration
  • Migration and provisioning management
  • Security governance and compliance
  • Hybrid Extensibility

Trusted Security

Virtustream xStream Security deploys security technologies like:

  • Intel Trusted Execution Technology (TXT) – this technology has been around for years but Virtustream uses it to ensure a virtual machine boots in a known good state. Intel TXT technology checks the code of a program, BIOS, or hypervisior to ensure it is not been infected by any type of attack.
  • 2-factor authentication – this technology involves using a pin and a one-time randomly generated password to authenticate before accessing Virtustream. The is an optional logging module that will capture every user action to a log file for auditing.
  • Encryption throughout the cloud – this is encryption of data at rest and data in motion. xStream supports encryption for file systems, network, database, and transport protection.

There is much more to Virtustream xStream security than I can cover in this blog.

Virtustream Enterprise Cloud

Many clouds only offer resources to run your applications. Virtustream has experience with global datacenter design and implementations. This means they partner with the customer to design, plan, and execute on migrating to the cloud. Working with professionals experienced with best practices, solving complex technical problems, and collaborating with you the customer makes a big difference in terms of success. Key to the enterprise cloud is Virtustream bringing solutions to the table that have worked well in other cloud migrations. By leveraging Virtustreams deep technical experience migrations are less risky, require less time, and delivers value more quickly.

Learn more at VMworld 2016 by visiting the Virtustream booth!

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