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New Mixed Application Studies on Converged Infrastructures

New Mixed Application Studies on Converged Infrastructures

We now have two very strong converged infrastructure solutions for SAP, Microsoft and Oracle on the Vblock 540 and the recently published Vblock 740. Customers are looking for strategies to reduce time and budget spent on database management. The slide below is from a survey of 300 DBAs and other IT Professionals and it shows how the customer wants to move forward saving time and budget. The Vblock solutions matches perfectly with customer strategies: standardizing infrastructure, database consolidation, automation, virtualization and all-flash. 

All the workloads have similar findings so I’ll use Oracle as an example. In the Vblock 740 proven solution our findings show that mixed application workloads and different types of workloads (OLTP, OLAP, DSS) can run together on this platform with sub-millisecond latencies! Oracle generated approximately 109,000 IOPS of the total 255,000 IOPS in scenario five (the most demanding workload) and latencies were at 1 ms. These results are outstanding when you consider we had production databases, 25 non-production databases, different workload types, and random I/O that challenges the VMAX DRAM cache. Overall scenario five is the worst case for a mixed application workload platform and all the applications had latencies at or below one millisecond.

The large VMAX DRAM cache was challenged but delivered on performance. The write hit cache percentage was near 100%, above 64% for redo log and transaction log writes and never went below 10% for read hits. The read hit percentage might seem low but when you look at the read latency times: Oracle 1.1ms, Microsoft 1.1ms, and SAP 1.4ms we see consistently fast response times across the mixed application workloads. Keep in mind that the tests were using random I/O which is extremely cache unfriendly so these response times will be lower (better) with customer workloads. 

Here is why the Vblock 740 paper is a huge success:

  • Standardization: the study shows a mixed application workload can run fast on this CI platform
  • Consolidation: Over 25 databases, different workload types, mixed applications 
  • Automation: AppSync, Timefinder SnapVX
  • Virtualization: VMware vSphere 
  • All-flash: The VMAX 450F with 2 TB of DRAM cache delivering 255,000 IOPS at one millisecond or below
Bright Forecast for the Oracle Cloud

Bright Forecast for the Oracle Cloud